Bespoke wooden gates – made in Bristol

Wickworth Gates in bristol

Wickworth-style gates

The wickworth gates erected in Portishead, Bristol, look great in any location and can be made to measure to fit any gap. All made using a 4 x 3 prepared timber-frame with a 4 x 2 bracing combined with Mortise and tennoned joins and T&G cladding to give you a superb pair of aesthetically pleasing and more importantly reliable, robust gates.

tongue&groove gates from Bristol

T&G (tongue and groove) gates

T&G gates are made in the same way as our closeboard gates the difference between the two being the look of the timber. Closeboard gates give you more of a rough country cut look as opposed to the T&G which give you a smooth more perfected finish. The quality of the material is no different. Again these are made in both side gates and driveway gates and also as doors for outbuildings.

Sherbourne Style garden gates in Bristol

Sherbourne Gates

The sherbourne gates are mortise and tennoned and made using 4 x 3 framing and 4 x 2 joists and all pressure treated for a longer life.

custom-made farm gates

Farm Gates custom-made

We make and fit sizes to suit any gap and can be tailored to fit sloping ground perfectly. Usually required for driveways, these gates are particularly good when filling a larger area.

These gates are also widely used to keep pets and animals safe.
They give out an attractive classic and smooth look, perfect for any country or urban land, and they are always built to last.
If your not a fan of the natural look, these gates are always great to paint to a colour of your choice, with so many design opportunities you can make them original and perfect for your land.

dome curve-top-gates in Avon

Dome-top T&G gates

These sturdy tongue and groove gates have an added touch of style and quality with the dome (curved) top.