Closeboard panels in Bristol

Fastly becoming the most popular with our customers due to the outstanding quality they provide, with a sturdy heavy-duty frame and all panels being pressure treated.

These panels look give a great look to any garden whether using concrete posts or wooden posts and will last for up to 20 years. They will also slot in to any existing concrete posts.

Overlap panels in Bristol

Overlap Fencing is the most affordable choice of fencing and now comes fully pressure treated and maintenance free. As pictured we can also double batten the panels to give them some extra support.

Picket fencing in Bristol

Mainly used to add a little decoration to a front garden with the added bonus of not being overly enclosed, also good boundary marker.

closeboard fencing from Bristol supplier and erector

Closeboard fencing in Bristol

Closeboard fencing as pictured is ideal for gardens that are situated on a incline as it flows with the contours of the ground. Made using all pressure treated material and assembled on site. A trellis can also be added to the top to give a more decorative effect.

Diamond-trellis top, shiplap fence panels

Probably the most decorative of all the fencing styles. Makes any garden look spectacular. These panels are not only beautiful they are also superbly made with a rebated frame making them very robust. Other versions are also available including a dome or concave top. These panels do however come in a little more expensive than the others due to the time taken to manufacture.

Interwoven style fence panels in Bristol

Interwoven fencing in Bristol

An old school style of fencing unique in the way that it allows the wind to pass through a little better than the conventional styles. Now more commonly used more to match in with existing fencing

hit&miss style wind-proof fencing

Hit and Miss fencing

Hit and miss fencing is incredibly strong and allows the wind to pass through it. However it does come at a cost and probably the reason it is not a more commonly seen panel.